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The Debate

One of the major topics among Bitcoiners is the current debate about a potential ‘liquidity crisis’. In fact, the biggest Bitcoin exchanges have seen their BTC reserves decline at a pace not seen before in the history of the virtual currency. …

Scarcity and Abundance

As we all know, Bitcoin is a scarce asset. Bitcoin’s algorithm dictates a strict inflation rate that halves approximately every 4 years and which currently stands at around 1.7% per annum. Bitcoin’s Stock-to-Flow ratio, which measures the circulating supply of Bitcoins in relation…


There is already a vast amount of analyses about how an X% allocation in Bitcoin would have enhanced multiasset portfolio returns For instance, Dan Tapiero has pointed out that only a small allocation of 2% in Bitcoin instead of equities…


The Debate

There is an ongoing debate in the crypto community about which macro factors have been influencing the price of Bitcoin recently. Some would say that Bitcoin has been highly-correlated with equity prices and that it’s just another ‘risk-on’ trade like any other. Obviously…

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